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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Clean Finish LLC carpet and rug cleaning uses van mounted equipment and hot water extraction (a combination process of high water pressure for agitation and hot water to increase reaction rate). Our certified technicians are trained by IICRC in both carpet and rug cleaning. Clean Finish LLC prides itself on being a professional and affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning company. We proudly serve Platte City, Smithville, Weston, Leavenworth, Lansing, North Kansas City, Parkville, Weatherby Lake, Gladstone, Liberty, Camden Point, Riverside, Pleasant Valley, Kearney, Platte Woods, St. Joseph and the other North of the River communities.


Professional cleaning greatly extends the life of your carpets and rugs, improving their resiliency and keeping colors rich and vibrant. Flooring is a large investment that can easily be protected with our comprehensive selection of carpet and rug cleaning services.                     

1st Carpet or rug is examined for stains and problem areas for a later diagnosis.
2nd We vacuum the carpet and rugs using an upright vacuum. This removes up to 70% of the dry soil and other particles.  This is a critical step in preserving and cleaning carpets and rugs.
3rd Clean Finish LLC carefully treats identified stains and spotted areas.
4th A cleaning solution is applied over the entire carpet or rug surface to break up oil grease, debris and other residue.
5th With the use of steam extraction, the carpet or rug is rinsed of the soil, grease, debris, and other residue with fresh, clean, filtered water insuring that all the dirt and detergents are removed from the carpet or fabric.


                                    The end result is CLEAN, FRESH, and HEALTHIER carpet and upholstery!